As early as 1994, Dornier and NASA
(as part of the IML-2 mission)
relied on the quality of our products.
Since then, we have repeatedly risen
to further challenges in the outer
space field, including projects with
DTM (Ferrari Space Division) and EADS.

Whether it be high-tech
applications at over 300°C or
simply clearing away
food trays – we will solve your problems.

Launch of the space shuttle Columbia
on 8 July 1994

Today, we are the only company in the world to offer all basic types of round belts – wound, plaited and injected – as well as PU round belts and hook belts from our own production plant and in an unrivalled number of variants.


test stand to determine
dynamic characteristics      

Design programme    
for complex drives   


State-of-the-art plaiting machine with Register board         

Ongoing advancements and the expansion of our production range also enable us
to supply you with a vast range of components for drive and material conveying
technology, such as pulleys, profiles and cleats or PU profiled belts from
a single source.

Our products have become indispensable in everyday life, even if they quietly fulfil
their function unseen in the background without being noticed.

Did you receive a parcel today? It was doubtless sorted in a parcel distribution centre on conveyor rollers with round belt drives.

Do you like hamburgers? You will find our products here too, as the patties are transported and perforated using our products to ensure uniform quality when frying them.

Do you use solar power? With the help of our products the wafers are transported through the etching plant and further processed.

Our high-bulk belts for the textile industry guarantee that your socks and carpets get a nice fluffy texture.

The list goes on and on – and new applications are being added every day. Our own R&D department, our production technologies and the best available raw materials enable us to solve virtually any problem presented to us.

We remain in close contact with our customers from industries and specialist and technical trades to continually adapt our products to the market’s requirements and to make new market segments accessible.
Our extensive expertise means we are not only able to give you advice and supply suitable products, but also that we are glad to use all our know-how to support you by developing customised solutions for you.

Put us to the test!