Endless injected round belts


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Our endless injected round belts are ideal for low power transmissions.

These belts are elastic power transmission elements and do not require costly tensioners. The manufacturing process prevents formation of any welding points, allowing the belts to run extremely smoothly and permitting minimum pulley diameters of 5.5 x belt diameter.

We recommend an initial tension of 6 – 12%. With more than 300 existing moulds at our fingertips, most dimensions can be quickly manufactured at short notice without extra charge.

Various applications of Pflug round belts

Our E80, V75, C70 and P82 models are manufactured from carefully selected materials that are highly resistant.
Additionally, our E80 model also features limited antistatic properties with a resistance value of approx. 106 ohm, therefore they are ideally suited for the use in electronical devices and in chip manufacturing.

These models have proven themselves again and again over the years in sensitive applications or in large-scale series production. Like all elastic drive elements, they only need to be pulled onto the device to fit them, not only making installation incredibly easy but also considerably reducing downtimes.

Available diameters: 1.8 – 7 mm
Available lengths: 40 mm – 2,090 mm
Temperature resistance: -20°C to +160°C
Coefficients of friction: 0.35µ – 0.9µ *
Maximum tension: > 100 N

Data may vary depending on the model and material processed.
* As per Pflug test specification SPPN 91.001 with regard to V2A polished steel