Hook belts

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Hook belts are the ideal solution for drive or conveying systems where several belts are located on one shaft.
Their simple installation procedure results in considerably reduced downtimes and servicing costs.

To install, simply insert the belt. The belt is then connected to the hook, then the second hook side is closed using a pair of pliers.
This easy process eliminates the need for complex and costly disassembly.

The minimum pulley diameter is approx. 3.5 times the belt diameter, meaning that even small pulley diameters can be realised in conveyor technique with PU belts.

 PU-hook belts                         Textile hook belts             Various connecting hooks
Upright shaft drive in material conveying using blue PU textile hook belts Upright shaft drive in material conveying using PU hook belts at 88° Sh A 
PU-hook belts
From 4 mm – 10 mm Ø and from 130 mm – 1,700 mm LW untightened.
Thanks to the wide range of raw materials to which we have access, we manufacture models from 75° Sh A – 92° Sh A.
Certain models are also available with a roughened surface.
When using 90° hooks in V2A, the models 80°Sh.A transparent and 85°Sh.A blue are FDA-approved.
Recommended preliminary tension: 6 – 12%

Textile hook belts
From 3 mm – 10 mm Ø and 100 mm – 2,000 mm LW untightened.
Due to the textile surface means the belts can be provided with a wide range of coatings and thus optimised for the individual application preliminary tensions.
Recommended preliminary tension: 15 – 20%

All belts are available with two different metal hooks.
The standard C-hook is supplemented by a 90° V2A hook for demanding applications or for instances of direct contact with food.
The 90° hooks improve running smoothness by up to 15%.